CryptoNote Standards

CryptoNote Standards are the specification of the CryptoNote protocol as a peer-to-peer anonymous payment system. It describes technical details of CryptoNote whitepaper implementation.

CNS Title Published
CNS001 CryptoNote Signatures (obsolete) December 2011
CNS002 CryptoNote Signatures May 2012
CNS003 CryptoNote Blockchain September 2012
CNS004 CryptoNote Transactions September 2012
CNS005 CryptoNote Transaction Extra Field October 2012
CNS006 CryptoNote One-Time Keys November 2012
CNS007 CryptoNote Keys and Addresses November 2012
CNS008 CryptoNight Hash Function March 2013
CNS009 CryptoNote Technology August 2013
CNS010 CryptoNote Difficulty Adjustment August 2014