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CryptoNoteCoin is launched

Jul 11, 2014

CryptoNoteCoin is the reference implementation of CryptoNote technology.

This coin is a unique project by CryptoNote designated specifically for educational purposes. The sole value of CryptoNoteCoin is in insight it may provide you in regards of functionality and inner workings of CryptoNote technology. For those willing to start their own CryptoNote-based coins, CryptoNoteCoin will pave the way for a smooth launch and unhindered emission. One thing to remember before you put it to use; CryptoNoteCoin has virtually no commercial value due to its inherently short emission curve and accelerated block generation time. These features were included deliberately to prevent all possible attempts of commercial launch. CryptoNoteCoin will teach you everything you need to know about coin creation and setting up of concomitant services but apart from that it is of no value.  We strongly recommend all users to abstain from buying or selling CryptoNoteCoin on exchanges or applying it to any purposes other than educational.    


- CryptoNight PoW algorithm;

- Block time: 30 sec;

- 18.4m total coins supply;

- All coins are emitted in 2 month and after that a new genesis block is generated

- difficulty retargets every block

Download links:


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Testnet tools for starting a new coin available

Jul 11, 2014

CryptoNote has updated its official repository to include the testnet tool for those who are building a new CryptoNote currency. 

The testnet is your sandbox for the currency's and network's sustainability before the launch or prior to a major update. Generally, you wouldn't want to roll out a feature, which might jeopardize user experience or network health.

The new CryptoNote testnet tool ignores the real network by skipping its checkpoints and peer lists. It also generates a new genesis block on startup. By doing so you create a new block chain for your network which can be used for testing purposes. This can also be useful for pool owners deploying a new feature related to mining, since their own testnet doesn't have external miners to compete with for the blocks during the tests.

1. After compiling the binaries you should start the daemon with the "--testnet" and "--data-dir" arguments:

cryptonotecoind --testnet --data-dir=new/path/to/blockchain

--testnet argument forces daemon to start a new testing network.

--data-dir argument should be different from the default folder so that the testnet doesn't interfere with the real network's block chain and peer pools. When you launch a new testnet, be sure to provide it with a new folder.

2. Launching simplewallet requires only the "--testnet" argument to connect to the testnet daemon:

simplewallet --testnet

3. In case you need to create a testnet that consists of more than 1 node, you should connect each next daemon to the previously launched testnet through the "--add-exclusive-node" argument:

cryptonotecoind --testnet --data-dir=new/path/to/blockchain --add-exclusive-node=testnet.node.ip:port


Links to the repository and the forking guide:


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Updates from QuazarCoin (QCN)

Jul 11, 2014

1. Fixed write queue overflow (new block notifies).

2. Changed log level for overflow messages / Optimized console. So you'll no longer see most of the famous error messages:

ERROR c: \ projects \ quazarcoin \ contrib \ epee \ include \ net abstract_tcp_server send que size is more than ABSTRACT_SERVER_SEND_QUE_MAX_COUNT (100), shutting down connection

3. Fixed RPC wallet error. Before the fix, wallet couldn’t be refreshed if the demon was busy.

4. Fixed unit tests for QuazarCoin parameters.

The QCN developers team will release version for Mac OS X 10.6+ next week.

QCN community has taken up a duty of making a mining guide. Anyone wishing to participate is welcomed.



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July 4th birthday of Bytecoin (BCN)

Jul 4, 2014

Today is July 4th 2014, Independence Day in the USA, but not only that. On July 4th 2012 the very first CryptoNote-based coin was born. Bytecoin. The very first cryptocoin whose developers were innovative enough to embrace a new technology and put forth the idea of true anonymity. The CN team had recognized the full potential of Bytecoin from the very beginning and provided extensive assistance on the initial stages of development. Therefore we are prone to name July 4th the starting point for all CryptoNote-based currencies and the day of birth for CN community as a whole. 

The fair distribution of the money supply implemented through egalitarian PoW is something we had intended for the coins based on CN technology and that is what we see in Bytecoin. Looking back over the last two years of its life one can clearly say; Bytecoin is here to stay. We, the CN community, truly appreciate the work of Bytecoin developers who have meticulously followed through with the technology while upholding the CryptoNote philosophy. You never fail to further improve on the technology that rests in your capable hands and the most recent updates along with wallet and node API implementation proves that you are on the right track.

We have the pleasure to congratulate you with your 2nd birthday. We wish you the very bright future, which you certainly deserve. Never lose the sight of your goal and always keep the so much needed passion to achieve it.        

It is on such a noteworthy day that we are thrilled to announce the institution of CryptoNote Foundation. The ultimate goal of the organization is promotion and development of CryptoNote technology in accordance with its long standing philosophy and values. CryptoNote Foundation is meant to bring all the affiliated coins and communities together. The names of the board members are yet to be revealed.

Stay tuned with us!

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News from Monero (XMR)

Jul 3, 2014

XMR has been added to two exchanges: BTer and MintPal

Work continues on peer review for the annotated CryptoNote whitepaper, the latest version of which can be found here:

CryptoNote team highly appreciates this initiative by Monero developers. We encourage other coins to follow suit.   

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MonetaVerde partnered with Bitscoinshop

Jul 2, 2014

MonetaVerde has partnered with Bitscoinshop where you can buy items with MonetaVerde coins and get 10% discount. The Bitscoinshop online store is a Brazil-based company importing products directly to the end consumer. All products displayed in the shop are delivered directly from China or the United States to the address of the client.

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Jul 1, 2014

Please welcome a new website by CryptoNote. CryptoNoteStarter is a useful tool for those willing to create their own CryptoNote-based coins. The interface is implemented as step-by-step guide that walks you through the necessary stages of development, starting with preps and finishing off with a block genesis. Also you can submit your newborn coin for a feedback from our developers and we strongly recommend you do just that.

We highly appreciate contribution from all the CryptoNote currencies to the technology development and adoption. We believe in coin pluralism and would like to see more CN currencies launching.

The reference repository for starting a new CryptoNote currency can be found here

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A word from Fantomcoin

Jun 25, 2014

The bitcointalk user Bitcoinbear is planning to launch a new marketing campaign to promote the coin. Stay tuned for more news from Fantomcoin, it’s going to be interesting! Also FCN has updated a reward for open-source pool: 300 FCN and 0.2 BTC for a FCN-only pool! Is anyone willing to accept the challenge? 

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Good news from Quazarcoin

Jun 25, 2014

Difficulty and overall network hashrate have been systematically increasing over the last week.

See charts:


Network hashrate

Now difficulty is about 75 mln and network hashrate is about 1,240,000.

The total transaction volume increased as well. This chart doesn't include block rewards

Currently about 260,000 quazarcoins were produced.

Charts Compilation

Short video tutorials for newbies:

Step 1

Installing QCN and creating the wallet

Step 2

Mastering the QCN wallet

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Newborn coin Moneta Verde

Jun 25, 2014

New coin has entered the family of CryptoNote-based currencies. MonetaVerde "green coin" is the first coin with the block reward increasing with difficulty growth. Merged mining with Bytecoin, QuazarCoin, Monero or any other CryptoNote-based coins provided. As author claims the main idea behind the coin is decline in deflation. "The less the deflation the more it is profitable to save up some MCN. Deflation ruins the usage of cryptocurrency as a legal tender. I suppose the deflation won’t be gone entirely but will decrease significantly. And the infinite emission is the outcome of a positive feedback between demand and emission; it is not an end in itself".

- block target - 60 seconds

- CryptoNight PoW

- total supply: infinite

Community challenge from Moneta Verde! The coin desperately needs a pool. The trick is to make it work before the Fantomcoin developers have launched their own. Anyone wants to take it up?

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