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Monero network exploit post-mortem

Sep 8, 2014

CryptoNote has posted an official post-mortem of the Monero network exploit that took place on 4th September, 2014. 

We recommend all the CryptoNote currencies to apply the official CryptoC-3 patch that fixes the vulnerability.

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Statement from the CryptoNote team

Aug 21, 2014

Greetings to all the members of the CryptoNote community and those who are interested in the technology. This message is our response to the recent developments and speculations within the CN community. Before we get to the point we’d like to reassert our firm commitment to the long-standing philosophy behind CryptoNote. Everything we do is for the sake of technology, and we take great joy as we progress towards our goal.

The initial efforts at CryptoNote development go back as far as 4 years. Some great minds were involved in its creation. More than two years ago the first implementations of CN technology were unleashed on the world of cryptocurrencies and from that moment forward the community that was forged around our vision and values grew exponentially.

What is currently going on within the CN community hardly resembles the harmonious state of mutual respect and synergy that once ruled over the CN coins. Someone clearly is instigating hostility. Moreover, the CryptoNote website has recently been exposed to illegal access by malicious users, which is absolutely unacceptable. Some data stored on have been vandalized and is now temporary unavailable until the internal investigation is completed.

Having thoroughly reviewed the situation around certain CN currencies, the CryptoNote team would like to issue the following statement:

• It is the official position of CryptoNote that our technology has been created to bring positive changes into the current financial system by providing tools that have never existed before. The technology is what concerns us the most. We are not to be distracted or misled by the speculative rumors and strongly suggest you to follow suit.

• CryptoNote is not a cryptocurrency and has not been designed to be one. The only CryptoNote currency that the CryptoNote team officially endorses is CryptoNoteCoin, which has zero commercial value and serves educational purposes only.

• We consider all the name-calling and finger-pointing that has taken place on certain internet discussions as inappropriate and harmful to further development of the CryptoNote technology.

Over the years CryptoNote has had to overcome a great number of obstacles but those striving so desperately to deter the advance of new technologies are doomed to fail. We are strong believers in the power of innovation and there is no way to stop the CN development. 

Discussion thread:


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Major updates from Bytecoin

Aug 13, 2014

The list of updates includes:  

— Multi-signatures

— Updated block reward scheme

— Daemon RAM consumption is optimized

— Faster wallet refresh

— Transaction priority based on tx fee

— Transactions are returned from tx pools after 24 hours

— Dynamic maximum block size limit

— Reduced default transaction fee

— Various network health updates

Multi-signatures feature is an ingenious solution now accessible to Bytecoin users. Using multi-signatures feature will let you organize secure payments in a variety of creative ways. Some of the types of transactions enabled by multi-signatures are an escrow service where a trusted 3rd party holds the money until all parties involved in transaction are satisfied. Introduction of multi-signatures into the Bytecoin framework creates limitless opportunities for wide array of services to be seamlessly embedded into the Bytecoin ecosystem. This is the next significant step for the CryptoNote technology and the major achievement by Bytecoin’s developers.

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CryptoNote Starter Knowledge Base

Aug 8, 2014

CryptoNote Starter has a new section added. The "Knowledge base" covers all the basics of operating CryptoNote currency in addition to the forking guide. Currently, the sections covered are general binaries overview, testnets, payment processing, and mining pool deployment. New articles will be published based on the community requests.

Please, let us know what you think.

Link to the knowledge base:

Public discussion:

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Fantomcoin (FCN) has been added to ExtremePool!

Aug 6, 2014

Fantomcoin (FCN) has been added to ExtremePool!

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Got a technical question? Get in touch with Bytecoin devs.

Aug 6, 2014

Bytecoin developers now can be reached through IRC channel #bytecoin-dev or on a new Bytecoin technical discussion thread. Please, feel free to ask any technical questions you might have. Don’t get upset if you haven’t got your issue solved the moment you’ve sent the message. The requests from the users are processed in a timely fashion and nobody is going to be left out.   

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Infinium-8 has joined the CryptoNote family

Jul 30, 2014

CryptoNote team has diligently reviewed the request from Infinium-8 and the decision has been made to announce the new coin as the CryptoNote currency. Infinium-8 is endowed with every characteristic essential to a true CryptoNote-based coin. What’s particularly interesting about this coin is that it offers an infinite emission. We think of this feature as a curious economic experiment and are going to be tracking its development closely.   

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Tools for CryptoNote Starter

Jul 29, 2014

CryptoNote has published 2 convenient tools to help you launch the coin on CryptoNote Starter:

1. Emission calculator to help you compare your coin's emission to Bitcoin's one. 
2. Prefix address generator to help you make all coin's address start with the same letter sequence.

Link to the tools:

Public discussion:

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CryptoNote Starter easier genesis block creation

Jul 18, 2014

The official CryptoNote repository has been updated to include smart genesis block creation. Previously, it was required to comment and uncomment some parts of the source code. With our new currency creation flow, genesis block coinbase tx hash is created in four easy steps.

Check out the updated currency creation guide:

Public discussion:

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CryptoNote whitepaper review by Monero

Jul 15, 2014

The initial work has been completed on analyzing the CryptoNote whitepaper, and the review that has come out of it is now available to all. This is an academic approach to analyzing it, and is the first step in figuring out whether the principles it espouses are reflected in the Monero code. You can grab the whitepaper review here:

CryptoNote team highly appreciates this initiative by Monero developers. Anyone wishing to peer review the whitepaper is welcomed to do so. 

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