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CryptoNote Reference Code Update to 1.1.1

Jan 18, 2016


Recently we’ve updated CryptoNote Foundation repository to the new version. Starting today, Bytecoin API is the important and proud part of CryptoNote API.

This update is introducing new features, which make new CryptoNote API more structural and comprehensible. Functionality has substantially expanded. For instance, there are functions now that allow a developer to get the list of hashes of the last blocks or transactions. It’s possible to backup or transfer keys to another server, along with the opportunity to save and secure the keys in the storage. Moreover, the update has introduced the concept of delayed transactions in order to make sure that a transaction passes all checks before being sent.

Full updated list of functions is available here.

CryptoNote Team

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CryptoNote Reference Code Update to 1.1.0

Sep 18, 2015


Today we’ve updated CryptoNote Foundation repository. The new release brought numerous optimizations of the technology core as well as several important tools and features which provide the improvement of users’ and developers interactions with CryptoNote technology and every CryptoNote coin in particular.

We are glad to announce the release of reference CryptoNote RPC Wallet featured with aggregate multi-addresses, network-wide real-time transactions synchronization and fully reworked high-level API among other essential updates. The detailed change log can be found on CryptoNote forum.

We’d like to express our gratitude to Bytecoin team which has originally introduced the majority of these features and submitted them to CryptoNote. Thank you for contributing to the CryptoNote technology.

CryptoNote Team

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CryptoNote and Bytecoin Anniversary 2015

Jul 4, 2015

This day three years ago the genesis block of Bytecoin, the very first CryptoNote-based currency, was generated. 

CryptoNote team is pleased to see how much Bytecoin, its developers and community have changed and grown over time. Dear Bytecoin Team and Bytecoin Community, we have the pleasure to congratulate you with your third anniversary. We wish you to implement all your plans, achieve your goals and evolve into a strong financial system. 

But the 4th of July is a starting point not only for Bytecoin, but for all CryptoNote-based currencies and the whole CryptoNote ecosystem too. We have a lot of bright stars in the CN galaxy. They are Bytecoin, Monero, DigitalNote, Dashcoin and many others. Each of CryptoNotes is unique. 

CryptoNote Team congratulate all CN-based digital currencies, their developers and users with our common third anniversary! We are proud of you and happy to see your progress.

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DigitalNote (formerly DarkNote) XDN Quantum Leap 2.0

Jun 11, 2015

On June 6th, DarkNote developers announced XDN cryptocurrency Quantum Leap 2.0. The coin was renamed to DigitalNote and introduced a number of new features, including a new open-source Bitecoin-like QT wallet. What's more, XDN developers presented further development roadmap, which includes blockchain deposits based on multisignature and proof of activity implementation.

All details are available on the new DigitalNote website.

You may join the discussion here or here.

"It is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory"

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Forknote. A tool for creating Cryptonote coins easy and fast

Jun 5, 2015

This week a Cryptonote enthusiast slb has announced the launch of a new service, called Forknote. Forknote is an extremely easy and cheap tool for building one's own reliable Cryptonote currency. Being a software product, created by the Cryptonote generator, Forknote has got significant improvement: it makes essential parameters configurable, but not hardcoded. All coins, created by the use of Forknote, will be based on the Bytecoin core - one of the leading Cryptonote currencies.

Further discussion and ways to support the project may be found on Cryptonote Forum.

Cryptonote Team is sincerely pleased with the interest and upcoming development of Cryptonote technology.

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CryptoNote Starter updated with GUI wallet creation guide

May 26, 2015

CryptoNoteStarter is a useful tool for those willing to create their own CryptoNote-based coins. 
Today it got a new section added. "Creating a GUI Wallet" page provides you with step-by-step instructions that walk you through the necessary stages of GUI wallet launch for your CryptoNote-based currency.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact CryptoNote team at our discussion board.   

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Reference CryptoNote GUI wallet release

Apr 29, 2015


Today is a big day for CryptoNote technology and every coin that is based on it. CryptoNote reference code repository has been updated with an additional submodule called “cryptonotewallet”. 

This step marks a start of new era. Every CryptoNote coin will be able to have a GUI wallet with all necessary features on its start. As a prototype to the first CryptoNote GUI wallet, we’ve used BitcoinQT. As a well-known solution: simple yet familiar to all cryptocurrency users interface was transformed to suit CryptoNote needs.

You can find the new repository here.

Also, we’d like to thank Neocortex and Leomc of Bytecoin for their contribution to CryptoNote GUI Wallet. It wouldn’t be possible without you.

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CryptoNote Reference Code Update 1.0.2

Apr 23, 2015


Today we’ve updated CryptoNote Foundation repository with 1.0.2 update which includes a lot of improvements to API, network and much more. The detailed change log can be found on CryptoNote forum.

CryptoNote Foundation repository allows anyone to start their own coin with default CryptoNote features such as full anonymity and egalitarian PoW algorithm. Along with that, any CryptoNote fork has now received a bunch of most advanced and complicated functions available on the market: multisignatures, powerful, multifunctional API, instant transaction pool notifications and other.

We will update CryptoNote Starter forking guide with a more detailed instruction on how to create your currency and what features you can now use in your project.

We understand that with this update CryptoNote users have received almost all necessary functions for their coins and the only thing that CryptoNote ecosystem lacks is CryptoNote reference GUI wallet. We’ve been working towards this idea and on the next week we are going to release the first open-source CryptoNote GUI wallet.

We’d like to express our gratitude to Bytecoin team which has originally introduced the majority of these features and submitted them to CryptoNote. Thank you for contributing to the CryptoNote technology.

CryptoNote Team

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Bytecoin development roadmap for 2015 released

Mar 31, 2015

Today Bytecoin team has presented the development roadmap for the cryptocurrency. It is covered in details on Bytecoin's freshly updated website. Even though at the moment there are three upcoming releases announced, the exact launch dates are not revealed. 

There is also a number of various features that are being developed and do not belong to any particular release yet.

Bytecoin development roadmap for 2015

Among those, one may find colored coins and Turing-complete scripting language for smart contracts. This work may result in substantial improvement of both CryptoNote technology and ecosystem. 

The first release is scheduled for April 2015.

You may join the discussion here or here.

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New CryptoNote forum section was opened

Mar 13, 2015

A new section of CryptoNote forum has been opened today. We have created a new subforum for public discussions of cryptography and math, finance and economy, technology and science, news and events. 

You are free to express your opinion about other cryptocurrencies as long it is relevant and presented in polite manner. CryptoNote community will gladly answer your questions and give comments on important topics. 

Visit our  General Discussion Board.

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