CryptoNote and Bytecoin Anniversary 2015

Jul 4, 2015

This day three years ago the genesis block of Bytecoin, the very first CryptoNote-based currency, was generated. 

CryptoNote team is pleased to see how much Bytecoin, its developers and community have changed and grown over time. Dear Bytecoin Team and Bytecoin Community, we have the pleasure to congratulate you with your third anniversary. We wish you to implement all your plans, achieve your goals and evolve into a strong financial system. 

But the 4th of July is a starting point not only for Bytecoin, but for all CryptoNote-based currencies and the whole CryptoNote ecosystem too. We have a lot of bright stars in the CN galaxy. They are BytecoinMoneroDigitalNoteDashcoin and many others. Each of CryptoNotes is unique. 

CryptoNote Team congratulate all CN-based digital currencies, their developers and users with our common third anniversary! We are proud of you and happy to see your progress.