CryptoNote Reference Code Update 1.0.2

Apr 23, 2015


Today we’ve updated CryptoNote Foundation repository with 1.0.2 update which includes a lot of improvements to API, network and much more. Detailed change log can be found on CryptoNote forum.

CryptoNote Foundation repository allows anyone to start their own coin with default CryptoNote features such as full anonymity and egalitarian PoW algorithm. Along with that any CryptoNote fork has now received a bunch of most advanced and complicated functions available on the market: multisignatures, powerful, multifunctional API, instant transaction pool notifications and other.

We will update CryptoNote Starter forking guide with a more detailed instruction on how to create your currency and what features you can now use in your project.

We understand that with this update CryptoNote users have received almost all necessary functions for their coins and the only thing that CryptoNote ecosystem lacks is CryptoNote reference GUI wallet. We’ve been working towards this idea and on the next week we are going to release the first open-source CryptoNote GUI wallet.

We’d like to express our gratitude to Bytecoin team which has originally introduced the majority of these features and submitted them to CryptoNote. Thank you for contributing to the CryptoNote technology.

CryptoNote Team