Nicolas van Saberhagen to take a stand at P2P Financial Systems Workshop

Jan 23, 2015

On January 30th the inspirer and one of the creators of the CryptoNote open-source technology and cryptocurrency platform Nicolas van Saberhagen is to take a stand at P2P Financial Systems International Workshop in Frankfurt, Germany.

Despite the multitude of cryptocurrencies existing today there are only about 10 platforms upon which these currencies are based. One of those platforms is CryptoNote and it allows for development of completely anonymous cryptocurrencies. At the core of the CryptoNote technology are ring signatures and one-time key concepts that enable the anonymous transactions feature and provide for blockchain analysis resistance.

In his speech, Mr. Saberhagen will also cover the hashing algorithm CryptoNight that allows for ASIC-resistance and makes egalitarian mining possible. 

The audience will learn not only the technological aspects of CryptoNote but also about the origins of the technology itself. Mr. Saberhagen will talk about the premises upon which the technology was conceived, what goals have been achieved by the developers team and what they have in store for the future. Upon the conclusion of the 20-minutes presentation, Mr. Saberhagen will answer the questions from the audience.

Read workshop info and schedule here